Michael Moore/Maxine Waters

Michael Moore and California Democrat Maxine Waters named Judicial Watch as one of the “most corrupt” members of Congress sounds like they both are Hillary’s sidekick on an ole western show.  With the fowl and unchristian words that escapes between there lips it will not take the middle to light left Democrates to drift far away from them.  Michael and Maxine need to wait until President-Elect Donald J. Trump becomes President before they start spuing swamp trash from their mouth.  Michael and Maxine are going to have to live with Donald J. Trump being President for 8 years.  Several steps for Michael and Maxine to get through these 8 years are:

First, Michael and Maxine need to fill up the cavities of their mind with some intelligent positive thoughts instead of the spider webs and moths that are floating around up there.

Second, in order for Michael and Maxine to battle with Donald J. Trump – President Elect which will be the most powerful person in the world, along with a Republican Senate, Repubilcan House, and Republican Judicial system.  They need to come with the right kind of armor.  Little bee stings do not count.  In fact Michael and Maxine’s inputs will be more on the boarder of requiring a saucer of milk as in her words “every inch of the way”.

What part of the Transition of Power does Michael, Maxine, Hillary, and Obama do they not understand. Sure, constructive positive push back is always welcomed but harrasment, vindictiveness, and sabatoging is not welcomed.

Special note:  Until California votes where counted, Donald Trump lead in popular votes!!!!!  That in itself might say something about the ocean States.  They do not represent most of American States.  Wise up, chill out, push back but be constructive.

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