Week 1 – Why am I really here?

I owe it to myself and to the world to be the best possible version of myself that I can be and if that means diving into my thoughts and doing a little reprogramming then so be it!  This is why I am starting this blog to journal my journey through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) program over the next 26 weeks.

I have asked that question many times.  Why was I brought to this earth?  What is my purpose?  I have never come up with a answer that I would buy.  I have read many books authored by the best and joined many groups to lead me to this conclusion but I have never come up with an answer.  I have spent a lot of money on positive thinking and self help books I even tried meditation and self hypnosis but in all my attempts I never brought anything to fruition.  Don’t get me wrong, anytime I spent money on developing my mind I considered it was a good investment.

My overall goal with this course is to discover why God created me and search what my Definite Major Purpose is while I am on this planet by utilizing the Universal Laws of the mind and disciplined actions: most notably reading several times daily and sitting still & quiet with concentrated focus on my goals.  Over the course of this journey I will be not only be changing my way of thinking but also my vocabulary.  There are many new words, phrases and acronyms that will be introduced into my life.

The difference I see in the MKMMA program and all others is what Mark referred to as the others teach you what to think vs MKMMA teaches us how to think.  I also feel with certainty that this is going to keep me focused with their experienced knowledge whereas I did not know how and where to focus my thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


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