Week 13 – Gratitude and NARC

While “Happiness & Harmony” were part of what we received in Week 13 Webcast, it is not what I am going to focus on this week.

In this week’s lesson we were also directed to focus on gratitude.  I spent time this week directing my thoughts on the past week and the things that I am grateful for.  We learned that gratitude is a cause not an effect: if we focus on gratitude, it grows!  Gratitude is powerful!

The exercise of creating additional GRATITUDE cards was also incorporated in our practice this week. Recording my thoughts at the end of each day has strengthened my faith and renewed my purpose.

On one of my gratitude cards I wrote, “I am immensely grateful for my Master Keys Quest”.  

On one of my achievement cards I wrote, “I have accomplished my Master Keys Journey through Week 13. 

As we end one year and think ahead to a new one I am grateful to have been introduced to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance system.  I am grateful now to have this tool in my toolbox!

Now, in addition to all the reading, writing, listening, exercises, and all else we have been doing in the past 12 weeks, in week 13 we learned the technique of Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning (NARC) that turns a previously painful experience into a pleasurable one.  So now there is pain attached to not doing the work and pleasure in performing the work. This is an instantaneous shift in mindset.  We need to focus on the main thing which is the main thing that will drive our business forward and not get distracted by the little things.

This is a fascinating way to train our brain, for example, to be able to make prospecting calls not only NOT stressful and NOT fearful but FUN.  It’s a technique of using pleasure AND pain to our advantage.

My primary purpose for taking this course was in the hopes of finding the “silver bullet” that would allow me to do just that — prospect effortlessly and without fear.  I have  had some success with it so far during the course but I have also had periods of sliding back to the old blueprint.  Not doing these things will cause huge pain in not attaining my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).

While finding the “silver bullet” is why I took this course, what I am learning and experiencing in this course is way above and beyond what I ever could have imagined.

The science of Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning  is a system that describes the process of change in human beings and is based upon the premise that there are two determining reasons for human behavior:1) the need to avoid pain and/or 2) the desire to gain pleasure.


In order for the brain to efficiently evaluate how to rapidly accomplish these two tasks, you must create neuro-associations (associations within the nervous system) that are used to instantly determine the meaning (pain/pleasure) of situations, people, things, sounds, emotions, etc. These neuro-associations are the directing force of all human behavior.

As martial artist Bruce Lee once put it “Emotions are your enemy. When you get into emotion you lose your mind” When you lose your mind you lose your focus, when you lose your focus you lose you ability to perform at your peak. NARC teaches the athlete to mentally condition themselves so that they can manage their emotions to maintain focus and concentration to enter and stay in the zone.

NARC techniques include: guided imagery; trance induction; personal values and rules realignment; eliciting and changing submodalities to change internal negative neuro-associations; phobia cures with double disassociative technique; transformational vocabulary; visual, auditory and kinesthetic, anchoring; and pattern interrupts.

NARC is a powerful therapy.  Below are just a few areas that can be overcome with NARC:

  • Phobias & fears
  • Addictions (drug, alcohol, food…)
  • Emotional trauma
  • Bad habits
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Procrastination
  • Self sabotaging behaviors
  • Performance slumps
  • Learning disabilities

This system was based upon Korzybski’s work stating that a person’s experience is not reality but a representation of reality.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also based upon the primary psychology and language strategies utilized by Dr. Milton Erickson to shift internal representations and, therefore, the experience and behavior of patients.

In order for the brain to efficiently evaluate how to rapidly accomplish these two tasks, we must create neuro-associations (physical and psychological associations within the nervous system) that are used to instantly determine the meaning (whether painful or pleasurable) of situations, people, things, sounds, emotions, etc.

According to this theory, these neuro-associations determine our representations of reality and are, therefore, the directing force of all human behavior.

I’m looking forward to trying out the NARC technique.  If I can conquer call reluctance there is NO stopping me. I believe this is the number one reason people fail in Network Marketing.

Thanks for reading,

Bill Trump

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7 thoughts on “Week 13 – Gratitude and NARC

  1. Lisa Domingo

    I have a feeling call reluctance will go away…I persist until I succeed. I found call reluctance went away when I put my DMP in the trash. Boy, I was ready to make those calls!

  2. Luc

    Great post Bill. Thank you for your research and this in depth portrait of NARC, it gives the desire to open the use of this powerful technique to more domains in our life than we are used to with the MKMMA program.


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