Week 3 – Believe in Yourself

We are still in the early stages of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course but the pieces are starting to fit together.

Understanding and learning that we have the true power to choose how we want to think and feel is empowering. I am responsible for everything in my life. The world within determines the world without. Now knowing this would be a risk of losing a lot out of life if not followed.

The readings are crossing over and I am finding links between them all with the exercises we are completing.  I am confident that this new habit of choice will only become easier as time presses on.

The first lesson for the day was to guard our Subconscious Mind.  Our Conscious Mind is the “Watchman of the Gate” and it’s responsibility is to protect our Subconscious Mind.  This was very interesting to me. I guess I kind of had it the other way around.  No wonder things were not working as I was expecting.

I find it interesting that the Master Key states that:“The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating.

Non-resistant thought expands the Solar Plexus; resistant thought contracts it.  Pleasant thought expands it; unpleasant thought contracts it. Thoughts of courage, power, confidence and hope all produce a corresponding state, but the one archenemy of the Solar Plexus which must be absolutely destroyed before there is any possibility of letting any light shine is fear.  He is the cloud which hides the sun, which causes a perpetual gloom.”

This is something that I can relate to.  Fear has been my worst enemy.  The one that has keep me down for so long. I look forward to absolutely destroying it.  This may be one of my most exciting moments.  This may be my 100% that I am looking for…

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